Search engine optimization (SEO) should not be an add-on expense to a web site design and development project, but a part of well planned and executed web design strategy. It should include appropriate use of headings, meta tags, alternative text for media, xml sitemap, and above all a design which separates content from presentation.

Unfortunately, there are many very visually appealing web sites which lack even the most basic elements that will let the search engines know what the web site is about and what it offers. If you had your web site designed by someone else I would evaluate your web content for keyword density, append any missing meta data and content headings, alternative text for media elements, and analyze link keywords.

Search engines are like visually impaired users. If your web site depends heavily on images or flash presentations to display content, it will be inaccessible to both.

Contact me today and ask how I can help you to improve your web visibility and ultimately search engine ranking by analyzing your web site and providing you with a website marketing report on your site strengths and weaknesses.

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