Consultations and Needs Assessment

As a local Ottawa web designer and developer I enjoy meeting clients for consultations and website needs assessment.

At the initial stage, together we discuss your goals for the web site, what type of content already exists and what still needs to be created. We discuss what your web site visitors and clients expect to find on your site. We analyze your industry or sector, if applicable, to see what others do right and where they go wrong.

Next, we create a project plan, a schedule and clearly identify goals. I draft a Web Development contract, giving you opportunity to review the contract before asking you to sign it.

When signing the Web Development contract, I ask for 40 percent down payment of the total fee.

Website Structure and Design

As the next step, I work on the following:

  • auditing existing web content and outlining new content
  • creating taxonomy
  • creating web site structure
  • setting names and web friendly labels
  • designing web site layout and web site navigation
  • designing visual components and optimizing images for web display

You are then presented with a web design draft and are given time to evaluate the design and to add your comments and suggestions. We would repeat this process. Please note however, that if your requests for web design revisions significantly differ from the web design concept outlined in the Web Production contract, you should be advised that additional costs and time might be required.

Following your response, I concentrate on the following:

  • setting up web content web management system (CMS), or
  • inserting web content and coding HTML5 elements
  • applying web design and styles
  • basic search engine optimization (SEO)
  • proofreading and editing web site content

Website Testing

The web site then is uploaded to a testing server where we can test for usability and accessibility, proofread again and again, and make any necessary editions and revisions. Depending on the size of the web project, you are given one to two weeks to test the web site.

Final Approval and Payment

Upon your final approval, the web site is moved to your server space under your domain name. I submit your web site to Google, Yahoo, and Bing web search engines. The remaining fee is then generally due within 5 business days. Other payment arrangements may be considered.

Contact me

Send me an email or give me a call at 613-218-3404

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